Open Me Up

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KIWI Magazine Review

Once a DK Publishing book enters my home, it never leaves. The photography, text and illustrations are incredible and make all of my family members, regardless of age, want to cuddle up with a book about anatomy. That’s a most impressive feat. This book has accurate information about the body but also interjects humor and a dose of gross just to keep the readers interested.

Product Description

Following on the very hot heels of Pick Me Up, Do Not Open, and Take Me Back, comes Open Me Up, and irreverent, graphically dynamic, intelligently hilarious, and gruesomely informative book about the goings on of our innards.

A spectacular 3-D cover (featuring an incredible die cut to reveal the internal organs) will wow browsers, while the superb interior design, imagery, and information will seal the deal. Learn about the discovery of penicillin from a graphic novel, see how the heart works via its social networking page, and watch white blood cells zap invaders on a video-game spread.

This is not your father’s Gray’s Anatomy.

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