Planting the Wild Garden

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Planting the Wild GardenKIWI Magazine Review

Sure, we humans spend time sowing and growing plants with seeds, but nature has her own team of gardeners who help the plants along as well. This book is illustrated beautifully with pencil and watercolor, while the text describes how wind, rain, and animals are expert gardeners.

Product Description

Seed by seed, we plant the wild meadow garden wind and water, birds and animals, plants and people all of us together.

In this lyrical picture book, author Kathryn O. Galbraith explains the many ways in which seeds are spread and planted.

A farmer and her son plant vegetables in their garden, and the wind carries a few seeds away. Birds and animals may carry some along with them on their travels. Sometimes the rain washes them away to a new and unexpected location. And sometimes something more extraordinary occurs, as in when the pods of the Scotch Broom plant open explosively in the summer heat, scattering seed everywhere like popcorn. Year-round, we all play a role in the dispersal of seeds throughout our landscape, planting the wild garden together.

About the Author

Kathryn Galbraith is the author of numerous children s picture books and novels. She teaches writing for children at the University of Washington.

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