Safari Animals (Pop-Out Stencil Art)

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KIWI Magazine Review:

This book is built for creativity. The pop-out stencils are sturdy cardboard, and the ideas for crafts are unique, easy for little hands, and adorable. It’s been quite a winter for many readers, so this book is great to add to the arsenal for things to do on a rainy, snowy, or stay inside kind of day.


Publisher notes:


Keeping crafty kids busy is a snap (or a pop in this case!) as the 15 reusable stencils built into this book easily pop out to provide hours of creative inspiration. Each two-page spread includes three pop-out stencils on the right, and easy-to-follow instructions for related projects on the left. Twenty unconventional crafts include:


A hippo hand puppet

Tree frog drinking straws

A pink-feathered flamingo

A toucan collage

A lovebird mobile, and a wriggly snake bracelet to wear


Kids will spend hours popping, painting, pasting, and getting super creative! Stencils can be stored right inside to book for easy access anytime.

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