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KIWI Magazine Review

On any given week, at least 5-6 nutrition, fitness, diet, lifestyle or exercise lands on my doorstep. I see celebrities on competing diet programs losing (and gaining weight). In short, if we all stepped back and looked at the sheer number of books, DVDs, programs and shows which tell us how to lose weight, it really is so overwhelming that it is no small wonder we are large as a nation. Each time I read a book, I have that feeling that the author is going to promise ‘this one is going to be the ticket to a) losing weight b) getting in shape c) magically transforming with as little effort as possible.’ Sound familiar?

You may know the book Body for Life by Bill Phillips, who is this author’s brother. The intro to this book is really authentic and specific: why can’t many of us sustain, maintain or even gain fitness?

This book is sensible, reasonable and offers no quick fixes or guarantees. It is a book that promotes strength-training exercises, but not in the mindless motions of just counting reps or monitoring amount of weight lifted. I can see taking this book in doses, trying small steps to accomplish specific goals and revisiting the advice frequently. The online tools are really helpful, and there is no fee to be a part of the community (which I really like). I felt very motivated and optimistic when I read this book, instead of that ‘here we go again’ mentality.

I just signed up for a cruise in August and I’m willing to try this book out. I will not be a size 2 by then, but I know that this book only promises a smart approach to focusing on fitness, rather than promising a smaller dress size by cabbage, carbs or cardio alone!

From the Author

Perhaps more than any other factor, it is the mastery of your focus-which precedes the mastery of your energy-that separates the average performers from the peak performers in life. The freedom to place your focused attention where you want it, when you want it, offers a competitive advantage in a world where the average attention span is measured in seconds, not minutes.

The result is an entirely new training experience that is at once more effective, refreshing, and engaging. And while for many men and women the superior effectiveness and excellent results is satisfaction enough, the real surprise inside is F.I.T.’s impact not just on the body but on your inner stateemotionally uplifting, strengthening your awareness and presence as well as bolstering your overall well-being. As you will see, F.I.T.’s deeply enjoyable flow state will transform not only your training but the rest of your life.

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