Thunder Birds: Nature’s Flying Predators

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KIWI Magazine Review

Jim Aronsky has a way with illustrations, and this is one of his finest works to date. The birds in this book soar while teaching readers about their power, beauty, and territory. There is nothing more powerful than a children’s book with images that stay in your mind forever.

Product Description

Acclaimed naturalist and illustrator Jim Arnosky helps birds and imaginations take glorious flight in this breathtaking nonfiction picture book with six giant gatefolds.

Arnosky will draw out kids’ inner explorer as he explains why there are no feathers on a vulture’s head, which bird is the deep-diving champ, what makes an owls’s wings perfectly silent in flight, and much more.

Readers can use this gorgeously illustrated book to bring the wilderness right into their rooms-or as a guide on their next expedition.

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