Bookaboo: Reading That Rocks

Reading to our children is a time treasured activity that’s crucial to their early development. When kids are read aloud to, their vocabulary grows, their imagination expands, and their bond with the reader—most likely their parents—tightens. But in today’s busy world, the simple joys of storytime can often take a back seat to schoolwork, sports practice, busy schedules, and everything in between. That’s why it’s imperative to foster a love of reading and prioritize it throughout their childhood years.

One way of doing this is through the new Amazon series Bookaboo, created by Lucy Goodman. This show takes the ritual of reading and reinforces it on screen. Parents who want to bolster their child’s love of books can now do so through responsible screentime that entertains and cultivates a zest for reading in our youngsters. Bookaboo carries on the traditions of Reading Rainbow, with a modern and glitzy twist. Each of the eight episodes of season one plays out in a similar way with a simple yet engaging formula that proves reading is both essential and fun.

Bookaboo, a rhythmic rock star of epic proportions tours the world with his fellow pups. But to his bandmates dismay, the show cannot go on until he gets his daily dose of the written word. In the words of Bookaboo himself, “I can’t play without a story a day!” Luckily, famous friends come knocking on his Bookabus door, armed with a brand new story to read aloud to Bookaboo and his adoring fans at home. And just like that, the rockin’ pup can drum on.

Bookaboo turns reading into a star-studded event that captures the pleasure of a good book and catapults it into larger-than-life entertainment. Both girls and boys will be drawn to the featured stories, chosen for their entertainment and humor. Each guest offers a lively narration, seamlessly bringing the story to life. With this series, kids will develop a positive outlook on reading that they can build upon for the rest of their lives. And as a bonus, Amazon offers each book for sale if your budding reader wants to follow along at home.