KIWI’s Sustainable Back-to-School Shopping Guide

Jenna Sims

Eco-conscious families can delight in the many options for sustainable, environmentally friendly, and zero-waste back-to-school products on the market today. The most simple solution to making more eco-friendly choices on your back-to-school shopping list is to ditch the one-use plastic and paper materials (like snack and lunch bags) in favor of reusable products from companies focused on sustainability. The Backpack …

3 Kid-Friendly Macrame Crafts

Eleanor King

Create three fun macrame crafts with your kids, including a plant hanger and mini macrame! Learn basic macrame knots and more.

Wild Words

Book Review: The Keeper of Wild Words

The Keeper of Wild Words by Brooke Smith (Chronicle Books, ages 5–8) [This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links. As an Amazon Associate, KIWI earns from qualifying purchases.] If your kiddo loves playing outside and being among nature, this read is a perfect match. Join a grandmother and her granddaughter as they explore and appreciate the natural world. The illustrations will …