8 Thanksgiving Facts You May Not Know

Lauren Epstein

Is 3,699 pounds of pumpkin pie enough dessert for your family and friends this Thanksgiving? That’s how much the largest pumpkin pie in history weighed, according to Guinness World Records. New Bremen Giant Pumpkin Growers from New Bremen, Ohio, used 440 sheets of dough to make the 20-foot pie. That’s a whole lot of leftovers! Here are seven more surprising …

curb complaining

How to Curb Complaining at Home

Joanne Van Zuidam

Can a family of four resist the urge to gripe and grumble for three weeks? The Challenge: No whining for 21 days The Family: Kristen Crotty of Ijamsville, Maryland, son Matthew, 9, daughter Caitlyn, 7, and husband David (not shown) So over it! The complaints in the Crotty household would start the moment Caitlyn woke up, says Kristen: “She’d put on a …

KIND Letters Campaign

KIND Letters Campaign

KIND Healthy Snacks is bringing the world a little more joy with their #KINDwords campaign. Here’s how you can get involved: 1) Write letters of  of encouragement and kindness. This letter can be as long or as short as you want! Write something from the heart, or use one of your favorite inspirational quotes. 2) Decorate the envelope.  Try saying something fun like, “If …

The Stuck-Inside Survival Guide

The Stuck-Inside Survival Guide

Jason Stevenson

Channel surfing is the easiest escape for restless families bouncing off the walls (and one another). Instead of fighting for the remote control, here are three fun and inventive family activities you can do with your kids: Illustrate Your Family Tree Winter holidays are all about family gatherings, which means your children might meet relative they don’t see the rest …