When Did Kids Birthday Parties Become So Extra?

Birthday parties are the perfect occasion to celebrate your child and usher in a new, exciting milestone. But it’s easy to get carried away planning these joyous occasions, potentially taking a major toll on your wallet and energy. Which begs the question, when did birthday parties get so extra? In this episode, we dive into our birthday party personality types and share ways to make a birthday party simple yet special. We talk about party favors, guest etiquette, and the pressure social media adds to the equation.

Raising Healthy Families Podcast: How to Help Your Kids Thrive With a Learning and Thinking Difference

How to help your kids thrive with a learning and thinking difference with Dr. Andrew Kahn

As parents, we always want to set our kids up for success but sometimes there are challenges along the way when it comes to learning, behavior, social-emotional functioning, and beyond. In this episode, we’re talking to licensed psychologist Dr. Andrew Kahn about learning and thinking differences and how to give your kids the best support system so they can thrive.