Change the World Before Bedtime

Change the World Before Bedtime book

So begins the wonderfully illustrated and written new children’s book of the same title. A call to arms for socially conscious children (and their parents), Change the World Before Bedtime combines 21st century messaging with old-fashioned values, encouraging kids to feel good about doing good deeds. What’s particularly appealing about the book is its multicultural, collage-style artwork coupled with plenty of concrete ideas of how to make our world a better place. There’s something here for everyone—sickness, hunger, poverty, environmental ills—offered with optimism and hope.

Collaborators Mark Kimball Moulton, Josh Chalmers and Karen Good keep a strong emphasis on community, prompting us to work together for the benefit of people, animals and the planet. While the book’s design and language will appeal mainly to the K-3 set, the message is universal. Pick up a copy today, and you might inspire your child to join the growing ranks of small but powerful world changers. Or she might inspire you.

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