Create an Eco-Organizer

Samantha Mellone

Forget the upcycled coffee-can pencil cup…this eco-organizer has a spot for every kind of school supply. Make it with your child, and homework clutter will be a thing of the past!


  • Cereal box
  • Nontoxic glue
  • X-Acto knife
  • Nontoxic acrylic paint
  • Nontoxic chalkboard paint
  • Toilet paper tube
  • Old compact discs
  • Cardboard strips, cut from old boxes Recycled string or ribbon
  • Button


1. Have your child glue the open end of the cereal box shut.

2. Lay the box down on its back so the front label faces upward. Parents: Carefully cut along the two shorter edges and one long edge of the box so the side featuring the brand becomes a flap that can open and close. 3. Together, paint and decorate the box, lid, toilet paper tube, CDs, and cardboard strips as desired. Let dry. 4. Cut the tube into four equal pieces and glue each to the box bottom. 5. Cut a cardboard strip to the length and height of the box. Glue the long side to the bottom of the box so it stands up on its edge. 6. Cut an additional cardboard strip, fold it to create a square, and glue its edges to the corner of the box. 7. Parents: Cut two CDs in half with an X-Acto knife, then glue the straight edges to the bottom of the box to create dividers. 8. Glue a button to the long, bottom edge of your box and a 4-inch piece of string to the top flap; this will allow you to latch the box closed.

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