DIY Eco Costumes: Bee Keeper

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  • Safari helmet (or any hat with a brim)
  • ½ yard white netting or tulle
  • White sweatshirt
  • White pants
  • Belt
  • Yellow rubber gloves
  • Rubber boots


  • Toothpicks
  • Black paint
  • ¼ yard black felt
  • ¼ yard yellow felt
  • Black buttons
  • Wax paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Needle and thread
  • Floral wire


Costume Begin with an old brimmed hat. Wrap the netting or tulle around the brim and stitch together at the back. Dress your child in a long-sleeve white shirt, white pants, belt, gloves, and boots.

Bees Paint 15 wooden tooth picks black, then break each in half. Cut 30 ¾-by-2-inch strips and wrap each around a toothpick, making sure the pointed side is left exposed. Next, cut a small piece of yellow felt ½ wide to wrap around the body of the bee. Glue to the black felt, then glue a button. Glue a button to non-pointy end of the bee. Create the wings by folding a small piece of waxed paper in half and cutting out an oval shape make the wings from the fold. Open the wings and glue the fold to the center back of the bee. Glue or sew the bees to the sweatshirts and pants, and attach to the hat using wire.