DIY Eco Costumes: Pig

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  • Pink sweatshirt
  • Needle and thread
  • 1 yard elastic
  • Small pillow


  • Toilet paper tube
  • Pink paint or piece of pink sweatshirt
  • 1 large 2” pink button
  • Nontoxic glue
  • 1 yard of sheer pink ribbon


  • Sweatshirt sleeves
  • 1 piece of pink felt
  • Needle and thread


  • Sweatshirt scraps
  • Thin wire


Body Cut off the sweatshirt’s sleeves three inches from the neck. Turn the sweatshirt inside out. Fold under the raw edges and lightly stitch them in place. Cut a small slit on the inside of the hem. Using a safety pin attached to the elastic, pull through the bottom casing. Sew the two ends together to create the bird body. Add a pillow under the sweatshirt to give the body shape, and dress your child in pink clothes underneath.

Nose Cut off 1 inch of a cardboard toilet paper tube. Paint it pink or cover it with a small piece of the remaining sleeve with the fluffy side out. Glue the pink button to one end of the covered tube, then glue two pieces of ribbon to the inside of the tube so that it’ll tie behind your child’s head.

Ears Cut one sweatshirt sleeve into a long band that’ll fit around your child’s head. Cut two teardrop shapes out of the other sleeve, then cut two smaller teardrop shapes for the inner ear out of pink felt. Glue or sew the two shapes together, one for each ear. Pinch the center bottom of each ear and stitch them to stay in place. Stitch these to the band, then sew the band closed so it fits snugly on your child’s head.

Tail Sew sweatshirt scraps together into a ½-inch-by-10-inch casing (wrong sides together), turn right side out, and push a piece of wire through. Curl it into a corkscrew and sew to the back of the pig costume.