DIY Eco-Friendly Printed Gift Wrap

Get creative with gift giving and create your own DIY Eco-Friendly Printed Gift Wrap. Add a splash of personal and whimsical fun to any present with bright prints and patterns.


  • Several small potatoes
  • Brown, white, or light colored paper bags, newspaper, or recycled brown paper
  • Non-toxic Tempera paint in color(s) of your choice

Also break out:

  • Craft scissors 
  • Paint brush 
  • Paring knife (adult-use only)
  • Cutting board 


  1. Parents: Using a knife, carve the potatoes into various shapes your child can use as stamps. For a circle stamp, slice one end off a potato to create a flat, circular surface. For a triangle stamp, carve the potato into a shape resembling a prism. For a square stamp, carve the potato into a shape resembling a box. Get creative with shapes if you feel you have the knife skills. 
  2. Kids: Dip the stamps into paint and press the shapes onto bags or paper to create different designs and patterns.
  3. Let dry overnight before wrapping.