How to Make a Raccoon Costume

Bring some mischief to a chilly October night with this animal-like getup.


  • Black masquerade mask
1 square each of white, gray, and black felt
  • Nontoxic glue
  • Plain headband
  • Men’s gray sock
Leftover plastic bags or newspapers
  • Black paint/paintbrush or marker
Needle and thread and/or sewing machine
  • Gray sweatpants or leggings
  • Black velvety sweatshirt or long-sleeve
  • T-shirt
  • Black shoes


  1. Cut out the nose from the mask, and cut a V on the top, between the eyes.
  2. Cut two long “eyebrows” out of the white felt and glue onto the back of the mask above the eyes, letting about half an inch of felt show above the edge.
  3. Cut two 2-inch triangles out of gray felt. Then, cut
two smaller triangles out of the black felt and glue to the front of the gray triangles to make ears. Glue the two felt ears to the plain headband.
  4. From the leftover black felt, cut 8 small triangles and glue them to
the corners of mask edges.
  5. For the tail, stuff a gray sock with leftover plastic bags.
  6. Paint thick black rings around the stuffed sock.
  7. Hand- or machine-sew the tail to the leggings.
  8. Pair with sweatshirt and shoes.