DIY Pumpkin Crafts

Add a personal touch to Halloween celebrations with these DIY decorations.

Pumpkin Head

1 medium pumpkin
White paint and blue paint
Painters tape
Black felt
White felt
4 white socks
Old baby shoes
Hot glue gun

1. Paint your pumpkin white, and let dry. You’ll probably need about three coats of paint to see a smooth, even color.

2. Use the painters tape around the bottom of the pumpkin to create a smooth line that will be the hem of Humpty Dumpty’s pants. Paint the area below the paint blue, and let dry.

3. Cut Humpty Dumpty’s face and accessories from felt. Then secure with glue.

4. Create legs and arms by filling the socks with newspaper. Paint two socks blue to match his pants. Then attach old shoes. Secure the legs and arms using hot glue.

Tea Time

1 small pumpkin
White paint, plus other assorted colors
Paint brushes
Hot glue gun (parental supervision needed if working with kids)

1. Paint the pumpkin white and let dry. You’ll probably need about three coats of paint to see a smooth, even color.

2. Create fun designs on the surface of the pumpkin using other paint colors. (We created polka dots.)

3. Use the clay to mold a spout and handle for the teapot. It’s best to make the pieces hollow to keep them lightweight. Let these pieces dry overnight, then attach with hot glue.

Piglet Trio

Three small pumpkins
Pink paint
Paint brush
Toilet paper tube
Construction paper (pink and black)
Natural glue
Flexible leftover cardboard (for example, from a cereal box)
One sheet of white felt
Black brads (available at craft stores)
Pink pipe cleaners

1. Paint the pumpkins pink and let dry. You’ll probably need about three coats of paint to see a smooth even color.

2. Cut the toilet paper roll into three pieces to create tube slices. Paint each pink and let dry.

3. Using the edge of one of the tubes as a guide, trace three circles onto the pink construction paper and cut out. (The circles should have the same circumference as the tubes.) Attach the circles to the edge of the tubes using glue, then secure over each pumpkin stem to create a nose.

4. Trace and cut out six ear shapes from the recycled cardboard. (Click here for a template.) Paint the ears pink, let dry, and then attach to the pumpkins with glue.

5. Cut three sets of eye shapes from the white felt. To give the pigs different personalities, try different outlines, like ovals, circles, and half-moons.

6. Secure the eyes to the pumpkins using brads, which will also act as the pupils.

7. Cut additional features like moustaches, smiles, and glasses out of black construction paper and secure with craft glue.

8. Curl the pipe cleaners and attach to each pig either by poking a hole into the pumpkin with the pipe cleaner or simply attaching with glue.

Starboard Ship


1 large pumpkin
Pumpkin carving tools
Brown and white paint
Paint brushes
Leftover flexible cardboard (for example, from a cereal box)
X-Acto knife
Flexible bamboo strips (from old tiki lamps, an old basket, or popsicle sticks)
Hot glue gun (parental supervision needed if working with kids)
Single hole punch
Three long twigs
Brads (available at craft stores)
White string

1. Slice the pumpkin directly in half and remove all the insides. Paint the exterior of one of the pumpkin halves brown and let dry.

2. Using the pumpkin half as a guide, trace the edge onto the cardboard and cut out. Use the X-Acto knife to create two small holes along the center line of the cut out; the masts will sit there.

3. Attach the bamboo strips to the cardboard cut out using the glue gun, (Be careful not to cover the holes.) This will serve as the deck of the ship.

4. Cut out 2 large, one medium, and one small rectangle shape from the cardboard and paint them white to create sails.

5. Punch a hole near the center top and bottom of each sail and braid the twigs through each sail, to create masts.

6. Secure the deck of the ship to the pumpkin half using brads and hot glue.

7. Place the masts on the ship and secure with hot glue if necessary. Use the string to create rope lines along the ship. Tie the rope around the brads and sails to get a dynamic look, then set sail!