DIY St. Patrick’s Day Game

Turn this classic game green with leftover craft supplies from around the house! Then, challenge someone to a game–and be sure to ask, “Are you feeling lucky?”


  • Skinny green pipe cleaners (1 per game piece)
  • Scissors
  • Recycled cardboard circles (we used old confetti!)
  • Non-toxic gold paint
  • Paint brush
  • Washi tape (or old ribbon)
  • Recycled cardboard (10 inch x 10 inch piece)


  1. To make your shamrock pieces, first cut each of your pipe cleaners in half. Take one half of the pipe cleaner and twist it to form a circle.
  2. Pinch the pipe cleaner circle in the center and twist it to form an infinity shape. Then indent each end of the infinity symbol to form more of a heart shape, set aside. Take the other half of your pipe cleaner and create a small loop at the top. Then bend at the circle’s tip to form a heart shape–this will be the third leaf on your clover. (Shown below.)
  1. Secure the three cloves together by threading the rest of the of the pipe cleaner half around the center of your infinity clover. Twist its end upward to avoid being poked by the wire. Create between four and five clovers for your game.
  2. Take your recycled cardboard circles and paint them gold, set aside and let dry.
  3. Apply 4 strands of washi tape to your recycled cardboard sheet to create the lines for your board–then play on!