DIY Yarn Pumpkins

These easy-to-make yarn pumpkins are a great way to add pops of fun fall colors. Using only a few basic supplies, you can craft the perfect pumpkin patch for your home.


  • Yarn, medium or heavy-weight yarn works best 
  • Cardboard
  • Wine cork(s)
  • Scissors 
  • Hot glue gun (only to be used by the parent) or quick-drying glue


  1. For large pumpkins, cut out an 8” by 8” square of cardboard. For medium pumpkins, cut out a 6” by 6” square of cardboard. For smaller pumpkins, cut out a 4” by 4” square of cardboard.  
  2. Time to wrap! Anchor your yarn in the center of the cardboard square with your finger and begin to wrap the yarn around your square. Tie loose end of yarn to first wrap. If using light or medium-weight yarn, wrap 60 times. For chunky weight yarn, wrap 30 times. Don’t wrap too tightly or you won’t be able to slide your yarn off your cardboard.
  3. After wrapping, cut yarn and tuck end into wrapped yarn. Gently slide wrapped yarn off your cardboard. Wrap another piece of yarn around the center of the wrapped yarn and pull tightly before tying. Cut off excess yarn. Spread yarn around to form a pumpkin shape and adjust to desired shape.
  4. Glue cork to the middle of your pumpkin where you tied off the yarn. Let dry.
  5. Decorate!