This App Keeps Kids Safe While in the Care of Others

mother using app on her phone

As parents, we want the best for our children—and keeping them safe, especially when they are not in our immediate care, is crucial. EmCard+ is a new mobile app that allows parents and guardians to safely and securely create and share digital emergency cards for their children with babysitters, grandparents, teachers, coaches, etc. 

EmCard+ Founder and CEO Rachel Stier says she created the app to keep children safer, no matter who they are with. “A main motivator for me to build EmCard+ was realizing, as a mom of three, just how hard it is to keep track of, and share, important information about our children,” she says. “When I am responsible for another child, there is so much that I need to know.”

When I am responsible for another child, there is so much that I need to know.

The virtual emergency cards can include medical information such as food allergies or special needs, as well as emergency contacts. Parents can also add personal information about their child, such as likes/dislikes, swimming ability, favorite songs or foods, or even what to do to help soothe them. The app aims to not only keep children safe, but also gives parents peace of mind knowing their caretaker has the critical information needed to support their child in an emergency situation. 

Once the app is downloaded, setting up your child’s emergency card is simple: 

  • Build your profile – Add your child’s personal information and emergency contacts, list food allergies, add alerts, and more.
  • Customize – Name your card, add your child’s photo, and customize the background before you generate the card. 
  • Share and retrieve – Share the digital copy with the people you trust. You can also retrieve the card when you no longer need to share it. 
EmCard+ Interface

The EmCard+ app is available through the Apple app store and the company is planning to release a version for Android devices this spring. To learn more and to download the app, visit