How to Navigate Bullying from a Family Therapist

How to Navigate Bullying from a Family Therapist: Raising Healthy Families podcast episode

Every parent dreads hearing that their child is being bullied, or that their child is a bully. Navigating these scenarios is tricky and oftentimes requires parents to take a step back and breath before reacting to do what’s best for their child. In this episode, hear from Danielle Matthew, a licensed marriage and family therapist, about how to prevent kids from becoming bullies and what to do if kids are being bullied. She shares valuable tips on how to talk to your children about bullying, what to do when others are being bullied, and so much more.

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Our Guest

Danielle Matthew is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) whose lifelong mission is to treat and support bully victims and their families, aid schools and health and wellness professionals, and educate others about the bullying epidemic. Danielle has worked as a clinician in the field for over 25 years with children and adolescents in various environments including day treatment programs, residential facilities, and outpatient services. 

In 2014 as Danielle became concerned by an increase in patients suffering from bullying, she conducted research which concluded that while there are many bullying prevention programs, there are few programs in Los Angeles that address the crisis point of bullying to help children and adolescents heal. In response, Danielle developed The Empowerment Space Bullying Therapy Program to ensure that there is crucial support available to empower children and their parents with skills to address bullying and create stronger, more positive support systems for children. Danielle is also the co-founder of CPE Collective, which empowers parents, teachers, and students with the skills necessary for building positive strong communities.

She has also authored Amazon Parenting Best-Seller, The Empowered Child: How to Help Your Child Cope, Communicate, and Conquer Bullying, and has been featured in Huffington Post,, and has appeared on Fox, ABC and CBS Morning Shows and Mom Talk Radio. Danielle has a private practice in Sherman Oaks, CA, where she helps adolescents, adults, couples and families who are in pain due to issues such as anxiety, severe stress, low self-esteem, or depression. 

Danielle Matthew
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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