Episode Six: How to Support Your Child’s Mental Health With a Licensed Counselor

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The mental health toll the pandemic has taken on our children is not something to take lightly. It’s important for parents to know the signs and signals kids give when they are struggling, and support them through the ups and downs. Hear from Dr. Joanne Frederick, a licensed professional mental health counselor, about how parents can listen and understand their children through the mental and emotional challenges they may face.

Our Guest

Dr. Joanne Frederick has been in the field of Counseling for over 25 years as a university professor and a counselor in private practice. Dr. Frederick specializes in treating people with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, terminal illnesses, and learning disabilities. She works with individuals, couples, groups, adults and children.

Dr. Frederick is the author of the book Copeology, an anthology that covers how to deal with grief and loss, being a black man in the world today, disabilities, surviving Covid-19, infidelity, anxiety and fears, trauma, and single parenting. She is also currently the Executive Director of a Nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization named Holistic Opportunities Propelling Everyone. This organization provides counseling, mentorship, and educational workshops within underserved communities.

Dr. Joanne Frederick
Licensed Counselor

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