Eco-Craft: DIY Springtime Flower Placemat

Have a smashing good time and preserve the colors of spring by making this DIY flower placemat.


  • Cardboard box
  • Flowers and leaves from your yard
  • 10-by-14-inch piece of canvas or other light-colored cloth
  • Hammer or wooden meat tenderizer
  • Nailbrush or toothbrush
  • Nontoxic glue
  • Ribbon


  1. Place flowers or leaves (or both) on one side of the canvas. Fold the canvas so they are sandwiched in between.
  2. With the hammer, pound the materials until they’re flat. (The colors will start to bleed through the cloth.)
  3. Open the canvas and pull off the smashed foliage. (it’ll be wet and gooey) and add fresh flowers and leaves to fill in any bare spots. Pound those between the canvas layers until you’re happy with the colors and design left behind.
  4. Use a nailbrush or clean toothbrush to remove any last stuck-on bits of flowers and leaves. Allow the canvas to dry.
  5. Glue ribbon around the edges to finish the place mat.