Flower Wreath Headband

Doesn’t it seem like the fairest and kindest characters always have a flower wreath in their hair? The villains very rarely get to wear something so beautiful. These headbands are so pretty and they’re amazingly simple to make!  

This is a fantastic low-mess craft that only uses a handful of materials. Add a dot of hot glue to the flower, press it onto the elastic and repeat—it’s so easy! Do you have any extra flowers left over? Tape a few together and tie a ribbon around the stems to make a bouquet to go with your headband.


  • ½-inch wide elastic (available at the craft store or fabric store) 
  • Fabric flowers and leaves, different sizes and colors  
  • Wide ribbon 

Hint: Look for inexpensive and colorful fabric flowers at the dollar store or craft store. Sometimes you can even find them at a second-hand store.


  • Scissors  
  • Low-temperature glue gun 


1. Cut a piece of the wide elastic to be about 24 inches long.  

2. Pull the fabric flowers off from the stems. Trim off the plastic piece at the back of the flowers so the flowers will lay flat.  

3. Decide where the largest fabric flower is going to be placed on the elastic band. It looks best if it’s positioned about 1⁄3 from the end.  

4. Add a small glob of glue from the glue gun to the back of the largest fabric flower.  

5. Carefully press the glue onto the wide elastic.  

6. Continue gluing on flowers until there’s only about 3 or 4 inches of the wide elastic showing at each end. This will depend on the size of your head—make sure the flowers go all the way around your head. Cut fabric leaves from the stems (if you have them) and glue them between some of the flowers to fill in any gaps.  

7. Tie the ends of the elastic into a double knot. Test the size on your head and adjust it if you need to. Pull the ends to make the knot tight, then add some hot glue to the knot to keep it from coming apart. Trim off any extra elastic.  

8. Cut two long pieces of ribbon, about 24 inches each. Cut the ends at an angle.  

9. Find the middle of the ribbons and tie them around the knot in the elastic at the back of the headband. You should end up with four long pieces of equal length ribbon dangling from the back.  

10. Your flower wreath headband is complete!