Flying Bluebirds

KIWI Eco-crafts: Flying bluebirds


  • Paper towel, toilet paper, or wrapping paper tube
  • Scissors
  • Nontoxic paint
  • Nontoxic glue
  • Beads
  • Scrap wrapping paper
  • String (4 to 5 inches per bird)


Flatten  the paper towel or toilet paper tube and cut into ¾-inch strips. Then follow  the directions below to make hearts, birds, or flowers.

  1. Stretch  open one of the flattened strips to create an oval. This will be the bird’s  body. To create the tail, cut another one of the strips in half crosswise so that you have two V-shaped pieces (you may need to crease the edge more firmly  to get the V to keep its shape). Glue one of the V-shaped pieces to one end of  the bird body (save the other for another bird). For the head, glue a large  wooden bead to the other end of the body. Paint the entire bird blue (or any  color you like).
  2. Create the bird’s beak by cutting a triangle out of an additional piece of the cardboard. Fold it in half and paint it black, then glue to the bird’s head. Add eyes with dots of the black paint
  3. For the wings, cut two teardrop shapes from the wrapping paper and glue to the top of the body.
  4. If you want to hang your bird, poke a hole in the body, near the head. Thread a piece of string through, and knot.