Founder’s Message

Thank you for joining us at WOW Summit ‘22 Virtual! Now in its ninth year, WOW Summit’s mission is to help parents, like yourselves, raise healthy and happy families. For those of you who are new to us, WOW Summit and WOW Events work in tandem with Moms Meet and KIWI magazine, the other divisions of May Media Group, LLC. 

May Media Group, LLC is women-founded and women-led. Many of us are moms of kids from newborns to soon-to-be college grads. As such, we know just how special the mom community is; how hard we all work, how much juggling we do on a daily basis, and how dedicated we are to the well-being of our families. We also know, first hand, how  many major decisions we have to make every day for our families about  nutrition, wellness, education, and more. It’s so important to have trusted go-to resources to help us choose the best route. Moms Meet, KIWI, and WOW Events have been there for over 16 years helping moms make the best possible choices.

With so much information available to all of us, it can be overwhelming. We take it upon ourselves to curate that information for you during WOW Events by bringing together the leading experts on the topics that are most meaningful to you right now. So sit back and enjoy the WOW Summit! 

Thank you for being part of Moms Meet, KIWI, and WOW Events. We appreciate you and all that you do for your families! 

P.S. This year, we are thrilled to be bringing KIWI magazine’s Beyond the Lunchbox Digital Conference under the WOW Events umbrella. Mark your calendars for August 1–5, 2022, for a week of unforgettable sessions to help you make it through the back-to-school season.