Gift Box Craft


  • 2 greeting cards
  • scissors
  • glue


  1. Cut a square either 5″ x 5″ or larger, centered over a design you like.
  2. On the underside, draw a big X from corner to corner. Fold one of the corners toward the center, stopping just short of the middle of the X. Take that folded triangle and fold it again to the center, so the outside edge lies fl ush against the center.
  3. Unfold the point and repeat these folds on all the other points (unfolding each after you’re done).
  4. Refer to the illustration below and make cuts where indicated by the dotted lines. Recycle the four triangles that you’ll end up cutting away.
  5. Fold points A toward each other, so they meet in the center. Next, fold tabs C and D up so they’re perpendicular to the rest of the card. Then bring tabs C toward each other and tabs D toward each other to form a square in the center.
  6. Holding the folded sides in place, fold points B into the center of your square. Crease as needed so the box stays in place; glue lightly if necessary.
  7. To make the other half of the box, cut a square 1/4″ smaller than your original square out of another card and repeat the above instructions.