Global Games

Brazil: Luta De Galo

In this one-on-one game, players start by tucking handkerchiefs into their belts or waistbands. Then kids try to grab their opponent’s handkerchief while hopping on their right foot and keeping their right arm across their chest. If a player’s left foot touches the ground or his right arm unbends, the other player wins.

Ghana: Pilolo

To start this game—which means “time to search for”—you’ll need to gather a bunch of pennies and choose a player to be the leader. The other players gather at a start/finish line and close their eyes while the leader scatters the pennies around the outdoor area. When the leader yells “go,” the players open their eyes and run to look for the pennies. The first person to find a penny and bring it back to the finish line wins.

Greece: Agalmata

Choose one player to be “it.” This player stands with her eyes covered and counts to 10 while the other players scatter around her. When she stops counting, she yells “Agalmata!” (statue in Greek), signaling the other players to freeze like statues. (Players can also grab items like sticks and stones to hold while in their poses.) Then, the child who is “it” must try to make the statues laugh or move. The last player who remains composed is the winner and becomes the new “it.”]]>