Globetrotter Photo Mat

You posted those photos of the trip to the Grand Canyon and the last family reunion at the lake on Facebook, but why not get them off the internet and allow them to grace your real walls? Better yet, let the map you used on that road trip find new life sprucing up an inexpensive frame. Try a whole bunch of them hung on your walls for almost instant wall décor!


A frame with a precut mat
Craft knife
Self-healing cutting mat
Road map (at least 2” wider and longer than the mat)
Foam brush
Nontoxic white glue


1. Remove the mat from the frame and measure the outer dimensions (x” × y”). Add 2″ to both the height and width (x + 2″, y + 2″).

2. Use the ruler, pencil, craft knife, and cutting mat to cut an (x+2″)×(y+ 2″) rectangle from the road map.

3. Brush glue over the front of the photo mat and press it, centered, onto the road map piece.

4. Measure, mark, and cut a rectangle from the center of the road map that is 1″ smaller than the window of the photo mat. Then cut a 45-degree diagonal slit into the road map at each inner corner

5. Use the craft knife to miter each corner of the road map at a 45-degree. Remove the triangles of paper.

6. Brush glue along the inner and outer road map edges and fold and press the edges over to the back of the photo mat. Let dry before reassembling the frame. -From Paper Made!: 101 Exceptional Projects to Make Out of Everyday Paper by Kayte Terry (Workman Publishing Company).