Winter Glove Monster Puppet

monster puppet

You can find long hair fur at any fabric store, and most craft stores. If you have trouble finding the color you want, try looking in the stuffed animal section at the dollar store. A crafty grown up might be willing to help you remove the fur by cutting along the seams or using a seam ripper.  

This is such a fun craft project that only uses a handful of materials! The only scraps you’ll be making are from cutting the scraps of long hair fur. I recommend cutting the fur over the top of a large placemat or baking sheet to make it easier to collect and throw away any of the stray fur bits that may fall off. It makes cleaning up easy! 

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Reprinted with permission from Low Mess Crafts for Kids by Debbie Chapman, Page Street Publishing Co. 2018


  • 1 small scrap of long hair fur (about 2×4 inches)  
  • 1 winter glove  
  • 2 large googly eyes 
  • 7 medium googly eyes   


  • Scissors  
  • Low-temperature glue gun 


1. Cut out five small strips of fur, about a 1 ⁄2 inch wide and 2 inches long each. The fur needs to be wide enough to wrap around a finger. Cut as close to the bottom of the fabric as possible and pull the long fur out of the way of the scissors so you don’t trim it off.  

2. Add a small line of hot glue to one end of a fur strip, then overlap the other end on top, pressing it onto the glue, to make a small circle. Repeat for the other four strips of fur.  

3. Add a small line of hot glue around the inside bottom edge of one of the fur pieces. Press it onto the tip of one of the fingers of the winter glove.  

4. Repeat for the other four fingers of the glove so that each glove finger has fur on the tip.  

5. Gently pull the fur on each finger downwards so you can see the circle opening.  

6. Add a small line of glue into the opening then pinch the opening closed. Repeat for the other 4 fingers of the glove. 

7. Decide which googly eyes you want on which finger, then attach them to the glove using the glue gun. Glue each eye on the edge of the fur so that they are half on the glove and half on the fur.  

8. Your winter glove monster puppet is complete!