Green Your Jeans

Saying goodbye to a beloved pair of jeans can feel like bidding adieu to an old buddy—but now you don’t have to! Give ’em a second life in the kitchen by making denim potholders, says Christine Doheny, editor of Here’s how:

  1. Cut a 10-inch-square around the back pocket, with the pocket as close to the center of the square as possible.
  2.  Cut a 10-inch-square of denim from the leg to match the other square.
  3. For the insulation layer, use a piece of thick, wool. Batting cut to an equal-size square.
  4. Stack the pieces together starting with the batting, followed by one denim square (wrong side down), and then the other denim square (right side down). Pin them all together.
  5. With a ½-inch seam allowance, stitch three sides of the potholder. Turn inside out and stitch remaining side closed. Repeat the process for a second potholder.