Grocery Bag Greetings


  • 16″ wire wreath circle
  • 35-40 plastic grocery bag
  • Empty cereal box
  • Star stencil
  • White craft paint & sponge brush
  • Craft glue
  • Glitter (we used Crafty Chica Chunky Glitter in goddess gold)
  • Rub-on letters
  • 10″ jewelry or florist wire
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • 1½” die cutter (or round object with a similar diameter to trace around)
  • 38″ x 7″ piece of eco packaging wrap


  1. Cut the bottom and handles off of bags. Scrunch each grocery bag so it’s easier to work with and tie them onto the wire wreath circle. Fluff. Use plenty o’ bags so the circle is full.
  2. Trim wild bag ends and make the circle semi-symmetrical. Save several of the cut-off pieces for later use.
  3. Make a bow by folding the eco-packaging wrap in thirds. Pinch the center with your fingers and wrap wire around it to hold in place. Use tails of wire to attach the bow onto the wreath by wrapping it around the wire wreath circle. Snip off excess.
  4. Cut open an empty cereal box so that cardboard is flat. Using a stencil, trace five stars onto plain side. Cut out stars.
  5. Paint stars white. Cover with liberal amounts of glitter. Allow to dry.
  6. Using either a die cutter or scissors, cut out five 1½” circles from the leftover cereal box cardboard.
  7. To make letter medallions, follow the directions on the rub-on letter package. Spell PEACE by pressing one letter on the back of each cardboard circle. Or you can also use magazine letters; they’ll add another recycling element to your wreath.
  8. Glue letter medallions to stars, then punch holes at the top of each one. Also punch holes in the wreath’s bag strands, where you want to attach your star ornaments. Tie finished PEACE stars using leftover pieces of bag.