How to Choose Joy for Your Family Even in Trying Times

How to Choose Joy for Your Family Even in Trying Times

We’ve collectively been through a lot as a society over the last few years, and finding joy in the everyday can be a challenge, especially for parents. In this episode, we’re joined by Robin Shear, a joy coach, speaker, and founder of Joy To The World Coaching. We dig into how we as moms can actively choose joy for our families and ourselves, what we can do to ensure our “joy buckets” spill over, and more.

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Our Guest

Robin is a joy coach, speaker, and founder of Joy To The World Coaching. She provides virtual joy coaching to givers who find themselves depleted. She has spent decades helping health care professionals, educators and parents feel good so they can give from a place of fullness and lead effectively again. Robin is a Whole Person Certified Life Coach through the International Coaching Federation (ACC). She is the author of Joy Bites blogs which are filled with thought-provoking nuggets to help readers reframe their thinking in a joyful direction. 

Just for the fun of it, Robin shares off-the-cuff “One Take On Joy” videos for her YouTube channel. She also has a private group on Facebook which encourages members from around the world to share what brings them joy as a means of making joy more contagious than any pandemic. Her first book about how to choose joy when life is messy will be released in January 2023. Get a sneak peek of it here. 

Robin was recently designated as a Global Presence Ambassador by Parenting 2.0. Robin has volunteered with The Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, Compassion International, and Amigos for Christ. Interested in getting more tips from Robin about how to choose joy? Sign up for her newsletter here.

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Robin Shear
Joy Coach

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