The Importance of Omegas During Pregnancy

Samantha Mellone

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential during pregnancy and postpartum because they support the development of a baby’s brain, nervous system, and vision. Unfortunately, most women aren’t getting enough, according to a new Canadian study.

In fact, only 27 percent of expecting moms and 25 percent of nursing moms studied at three months postpartum got the recommended 300 to 500 mg of DHA and EPA omega-3s daily. (This amount is recommended for all adults.)

The good news? Women who took an omega-3 supplement were approximately 11 times more likely to meet the recommended levels for pregnancy and post partum. Most ob-gyns advise taking a fish-based supplement (a few to consider: Carlson Labs Mother’s DHA, $10,; Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, $29,; and Rainbow Light Prenatal DHA, $16,, but vegetarians and vegans can talk to their doctor about plant-based supplement options (one we like: Essential Formulas Chia Omega + EPA & DHA, $38,

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