In May, March for Babies

Here’s a scary number: Nearly 10 percent of all U.S. babies are born prematurely, before the 37th week of pregnancy. In addition to being a lot smaller than their full-term counterparts, preemies’ organs are often underdeveloped, creating the risk for health problems including jaundice, internal bleeding, and difficulty breathing. Heartbreaking as the problem is, there’s a way we can work to reduce the number of pre-term births and help more babies who are born prematurely grow up to be healthy kids. Nonprofit organization, March of Dimes Foundation, works to improve the health of babies and moms-to-be in communities in America and around the world. Their national March for Babies initiative aims to help preemies through local walks that promote awareness about premature birth, plus raise money for research and healthcare. This year, more than 7 million people in 900 communities across the country are participating. The 3-6 mile walks consist largely of family and corporate fundraising teams; you can join an existing team or learn how to start your own at the March for Babies website. Plenty of March for Babies walks are happening this month, though, and individual sign-ups and fundraising pledges are also available if there isn’t much time left to connect with a team. There’s a March for Babies walk taking place here in Austin this weekend, and if I can muster the funds in time, would really like to go. Find an event near you at—and tell me if you’re planning to walk! Reprinted from KIWI Magazine