In Season Now: Carrots

In Season Now: Carrots

Why we love them: Not only are carrots full of vitamins, minerals, and fibers, but they also offer a rich source of beta carotene and powerful antioxidants. Carrots help prevent tooth decay and improve the health of your eyes, hair, and nails.

How to choose them: Look for bright orange carrots that feel firm to the touch with smooth skin. The larger the carrot, the sweeter it will be. Avoid ones that are limp or black near the tops.

How to store them: Remove the leafy tops as soon as you can and wrap the carrots in a damp paper towel. If you want them to last longer, store your carrots in a container of water in the fridge for up to a month. 

Delicious ways to use them: Slice your carrots up and add to a fresh salad, bake into carrot chips for a healthy snack, or pair them with hummus or a healthy dip. Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious carrot cake or a quick raw snack, carrots are the perfect addition to any recipe in need of a powerhouse veggie.

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