Helping Kids in Need

Every day in Ghana, children are unknowingly sold into servitude by their parents. After discovering this, eight teenage girls set out to change this heartbreaking practice, one child at a time. And now they want you to “Be Part of the Equation.”


One is Greater than None was founded by Anjelica, Ariel, Chelsea, Hayley, Jessica, Kayla, Sammy and Sammi in April 2007. After seeing a television feature about children in Ghana being sold into slavery, the girls were inspired to help. One girl raised the question, “What if they only raised enough money to save one child?” And another answered, “One is better than none.” This simple idea stuck with the girls, and their nonprofit was born.


It costs the International Organization for Migration (IOM) approximately $4,300 to save one child through sponsored rescue missions. This funding includes shelter, food and education for two and a half years. With this in mind, the girls set out to raise money.


The group makes a necklace with eight wooden beads (one for each girl) and one glass bead from Ghana, as well as a handmade bracelet. They’ve also designed a clothing line entitled “1>0,” which includes sweatshirts, lounge pants, tank tops and T-shirts—most of the items are made of organic materials. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the sales of the bracelets, necklaces and clothing line are given to the IOM. All the services and materials needed by the group are donated, from the website space and design to the printing of the T-shirts to the jewelry supplies.


The first bracelets were packaged on June 8, 2007 and by June 16, 2007 the girls had raised enough money to sponsor the rescue of one child. On January 17, 2008, the IOM will conduct a rescue mission to save 25 Ghanaian children from a life of servitude. The group had set and now reached a goal to save eight children on this mission. Anjelica, Ariel, Chelsea, Hayley, Jessica, Kayla, Sammy and Sammi don’t intend to stop: they’re planning to sponsor an entire IOM rescue mission.

To Participate

You can help them raise money by visiting their website,, and purchasing their handmade bracelets, necklaces or t-shirts. (Getting your necklace or bracelet may take some time, since each girl individually makes the jewelry.) Their “1>0” clothing line is available in stores across the country; visit their website to find a retailer near you. If you can’t find a location close to you, the stores can ship items directly.