How to Keep Dough From Sticking to Your Cookie Cutter

Follow these four simple steps with you kids to teach them how to keep dough from sticking to a cookie cutter:

  1. Pick your favorite bite-size cookie cutter. It can be any shape you like!
  2. Place a ½ cup of flour into a shallow bowl and set it near where you’ll be using your cookie cutters. (Here’s our recipe for Whole Wheat Cheddar & Flaxseed Crackers.)
  3. Dip the bottom of the cookie cutter into the flour and lightly tap it against the side of the bowl to shake off excess flour. The flour acts as a barrier between the cutter and dough, so the dough won’t stick to your cutter.
  4. Cut a few crackers, repeat step 3, and continue cutting until there’s no dough left.

how to keep dough from sticking

Download this fun infographic with instructions here.