KIWI’s Eco-Beach Gear Checklist

Getting ready to head to the beach this summer? A day-long beach trip often comes with plenty of stuff that the entire family hauls down to the waterline and sets up. Between packing enough snacks and drinks, and figuring out sunscreen and beach naps, it can be a lot to handle. Make sure you have the best eco-gear for your family to get the most out of the sun and the sand without negatively impacting the environment.

Check out our suggestions on what to look for in your beach gear and our top KIWI picks for this summer.

What to look for in Eco Beach Gear

Instead of bringing plastic tote bags to the beach, pack your essentials in reusable fabric or string bags. Using smaller fabric bags is a great way to get your kids to help carry your beach essentials. Invest in a reusable cooler instead of a styrofoam one to store your perishable items. Gear up with reusable water bottles to stay hydrated in the hot sun instead of packing plastic bottles that can end up in our waterways. Avoid packing snacks in plastic baggies and opt for reusable tupperware. 

It’s inevitable that someone loses something to the ocean. While beach games and toys are a fun option to get your family up and moving, oftentimes the plastic pieces of these games get swept out to sea. Finding toys made with wood or bamboo are great eco alternatives to recycled plastic beach toys, as these will be able to break down more easily in the ocean. Games made with similar materials are overall better than plastic frisbees or small plastic birdies that might get left behind or easily washed away.

When it comes to finding sustainable towels, look for products made with organic cotton or recycled plastics. Towels that are made with natural non-toxic dyes will not only not accidentally dye your skin when you are drying off, they also won’t leach harmful substances into the water or your skin. Similarly, chairs made with organic cotton fabric or recycled plastic fabrics are a better beach option. Make sure to check if the product is made with fair labor practices and purchase from brands that prioritize transparency. 

Overall, avoid bringing plastic to the beach. Skip the plastic shovels, water bottles, and beach balls that might end up floating out to sea to join the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Now get out there and eco-enjoy the beach!

KIWI’s Eco Beach Gear Picks 

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