10 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

young girl in simple witch costume

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s inevitable that some of us will be scrambling to find last-minute Halloween costume ideas—because, well, life gets busy! Time seems to fly by and our intentions to have things in order for upcoming events gets lost along the way. Holidays sneak up on us and we find ourselves unprepared for the festivities. Enter: stress. Don’t panic! While not ideal, there are ways to manage the chaos of last-minute planning. And the good news is that when it comes to Halloween, many of our kids will be so distracted at the thought of a sack full of candy (or candy alternatives), they won’t be too concerned with what they’re wearing. But nonetheless, here are ten last-minute Halloween costume ideas that are easy to pull off.

You’ll need: khaki pants or shorts; tan or white shirt; hat labeled “Zookeeper”; hiking shoes or rain boots; stuffed animals; binoculars; set of keys attached to a belt

You’ll need: solid color top and bottom; bunny ears

You’ll need: all-black clothing; a witch’s hat

last-minute halloween costume

Yoga Instructor
You’ll need: colorful leggings, tank top; headband; yoga mat

Black Cat
You’ll need: black top and bottom; black shoes; cat ears; tail; painted-on whiskers and nose

Mustard or Ketchup Bottle
You’ll need: red or yellow clothing (labeled shirt if you want); white hat (bottle cap)

Hershey’s Kiss
You’ll need: tinfoil hat; Hershey sign

Deviled Egg
You’ll need: white t-shirt with yellow circle of felt in the middle; devil horns and tail

You’ll need: white bed sheet with two holes cut for the eyes

Men in Black
You’ll need: black suit and tie; sunglasses

halloween costume : men in black, ghost

Looking for more Halloween costume ideas? How about a tree, raccoon, or gnome!