Love Bug


  • Colorful sock (we used red, but any color will work)
  • 1 15/16 x 3 14/16 florist half-ball
  • Handful of organic cotton stuffing
  • Black and gray felt
  • Craft glue
  • Sewing needle and red thread or small piece of string
  • One piece ribbon
  • Scissors

Finished Size: 6″ long

Sock It to Me!

  1. To create the ladybug head, place stuffing into sock toe. With needle and thread, cinch the neck by inserting a needle through sock at base of stuffing, and wrapping thread several times around. Tie off. Alternatively—and with little kids—tie a small piece of string around neck.
  2. Insert florist half-ball into sock, so it sits right below the head. This creates the buggy body. Note: It helps to have a wee partner for this part, so one of you can hold the sock open while the other stuffs the ball in.
  3. Cut the sock off, about 11/2″ past the Styrofoam ball. Fold sock over (as if you were wrapping a gift end) to close off body. Sew or glue sock end down.
  4. Using scissors and the black felt, cut out five hearts of varying sizes, two oval eyes, and two antennae. Take some gray felt scraps and cut out two semicircles for eyelids.
  5. Glue hearts onto body. Glue or sew eyes, eyelids and antennae onto head. Let dry.
  6. Tie a bow around Love Bug’s neck, for extra fanciness.