Make an Origami Bow

1. Start out with a square piece of paper. (You can purchase origami paper or cut your own.)

2. Create creases within the page based on the diagram shown. You’ll need to fold your square in half both horizontally and vertically, as well as diagonally in both directions.

3. Lay your paper flat and open on your surface and turned on its side so that it looks like a diamond. Start pushing the outer left and right corners in towards the bottom point of your diamond. Push the top point of your diamond down towards the bottom point as well, and flatten. You should now have a smaller diamond shape.

4. Take the top, closed point of your smaller diamond and fold it down (about 1 centimeter), creating a small triangle. Then crease the paper. Lift it back up and fold over to the other side creasing once more. Next, open your origami sheet back up to its starting point. You’ll notice a square creased into the center of your sheet. Gently crease the edges of that small square more by slightly folding the paper around its edges.

5. Next, gently bend the edges of your paper around the square down so that the small center square is elevated in the center. Push two sides of the square in, so that you’re creating a shape similar to an hourglass. Then, flatten the hourglass shape by bringing the top and bottom edges together. You should be left with a flat, diamond-like shape, except the top point should instead be a flat line.

6. Re-create the full diamond shape by bending the top left and right edges of your diamond in toward the center. Flip over and do the same on the other side. Next, open your paper back up by separating the bottom corners of each side of your diamond, gently pulling them away from each other, while also gently pushing on the top corner with your thumb. Flip your sheet over and you will see that the center of your origami bow has been formed.

7. To continue, flip the sheet back over and cut along the elevated creases on the left and right. Fold the top elevated flap down to meet the lower elevated flap. Cut along the center seam.

8. On the lower flaps on the left and right side, fold the edges towards the center creating elongated triangles. Flip your origami over and fold the elongated triangles in toward the center, tucking their tips under the bow’s center bulb.

9. Flip your origami back over. For the ribbon edges: Fold the outer sides of your flaps in creating a small triangle. Then fold the inner sides towards the outside creating thinner, longer triangles. Flip over, and cut excess from the bottom.