Make Your Own DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper

DIY wrapping paper
DIY wrapping paper

Potato stamps, recycled paper, and a little creativity are all your kids need to create their own DIY holiday wrapping paper.


  • Several small red potatoes
  • Paring knife
  • Cutting board
  • Brown, white, or colored recycled craft paper
  • Nontoxic craft paint

Instructions for DIY Holiday Wrapping Paper

  1. Using a knife, carve the potatoes into various shapes your child can use as stamps. For a circle stamp, slice one end off a potato to create a flat, circular surface. For a triangle stamp, carve the potato into a shape resembling a prism. For a square stamp, carve the potato into a shape resembling a box. (Create a few of each stamp as the potatoes will wear with each use.)
  2. Let your child dip the stamps into paint and press the shapes onto craft paper to create different designs. (We stacked three triangles to make a tree, three circles to create a snowman, and a triangle and square to resemble a dreidel.)
  3. Let dry overnight before wrapping.

If you have extra potatoes, make your own Valentine’s Day Cards or Stamped Tote Bags.