Making Happy Seafood Choices

More and more families are catching on to the fact that seafood’s not only delicious—it’s healthy, too. But as the demand for seafood rises, the risk for overfishing and harming the ocean increases. That’s why eight major North American conservation organizations partnered to form Be Happy, an online community for seafood-loving families to learn about ocean-friendly seafood and commit to making sustainable seafood choices. Families are invited to take the Be Happy pledge on Facebook to support ocean-friendly seafood, plus find delicious recipes, ask questions of seafood experts, and even post photos of their funniest fish faces. The next time you head to the fish market, follow these three guidelines for a catch that’s kinder to the planet:
Go small Smaller seafood choices, like oysters, sardines, and mussels are more abundant, so they run less of a risk of being overfished. These and others are on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Super Green list, whose seafood choices are identified as healthy for people and the environment.
Buy domestic The U.S. has stricter fishing and farming standards than most other countries, helping to ensure that American seafood is caught more sustainably.
Support sustainable harvesting Not all fishing methods are created equal: Seafood caught by hook and line or with pots or traps do minimal damage to the sea floor; long lines and bottom trawlers can severely harm ocean life.
Reprinted from KIWI Magazine