Why Mindful Eating Matters

Lauren Epstein

mindful eatingThe way you eat is just as important as what you eat, writes natural health expert Sophie Uliano in her new book Gorgeous for Good ($11, Hay House, Inc.). And it’s true—studies have shown that mindful eating can help curb stress eating and overeating, as well as improve the digestive process. Here, her mindfulness guidelines for mealtime:

Drink a glass of warm water before you eat. The water helps you feel more full and activates the digestive enzymes in your stomach so it can prepare for the food coming its way.

Sit down at the table as often as you can. Staring at a screen (big or small) turns eating into an unconscious action, causing many of us to overeat without even really tasting our food.

Take a moment to look at what’s on your plate. Notice the colors, textures, and tastes of each mouthful. This will help you slow down and chew properly, as well as appreciate and enjoy the food in front of you.

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