New Year's Eve Fun

Movies & a popcorn bar: Watch a classic movie that kids and parents will love like: Toy Story 3 (and one of the three will do, or guaranteed to make our moms cry), Tangled; very funny Disney princess movie with a great soundtrack or my very favorite movie, Kung Fu Panda 2 (Po saves his father, friends and village, again). Jazz your favorite organic popcorn up with a popcorn bar. Set out sea salt, cinnamon, sugar, garlic powder, Parmesan cheese, pepper, cheddar popcorn seasoning and, of course, butter. Let your guests mix their popcorn anyway they like it! You can also try this recipe for Silly Sweet Popcorn:
Silly Sweet Popcorn 1 teaspoon cinnamon, or to taste 1 tablespoon sugar, or to taste 6 cups popped popcorn 1/4 cup butter belted 1. In a small bowl, mix together cinnamon and sugar. 2. In a large bowl, toss popcorn and butter to coat. 3. Add cinnamon-sugar mixture to the popcorn and serve. Serves 12 Per serving: calories 49, fat 4 g, protein 0 g, carbohydrates 4 g, dietary fiber 1 g

Happy New Year World! Try this game that I made up. The idea is to learn to say “Happy New Year” in different languages. Write the greetings below on an index card and give one to each person at your New Year’s party. When 12 midnight strikes, they all have to say “Happy New Year” in the language on the card. You can practice in advance. Try these out–I’ll even help you with the pronunciation too: Italian: Felice anno nuovo (Fe-lich-ay an-no noo-ovo) Swahili: Heri za Mwaka Mpya (Heri ya m-waka mipia) Korean: Sehe Bokmanee Bateuseyo (say-hay bog man-i bad-you-see-oh) French: Bonne année (bon anni) Vietnamese: Chuc mung nam moi (chok mun nam may) Norwegian: Godt Nytt År (got ney-tor) Spanish: Feliz Año Nuevo! (fel-eez an-yo nu-ay-vo) Hebrew: Shanah tovah (sha-na toe-va) Chinese (Mandarin): Sun nien fai lok (soon nee-en fai lok)
Lots of Noise (makers): If you’re like me, I love an excuse to make noise! Here’s an idea for a recycled noisemaker made with a drinkable yogurt container (6 oz). Drink the yogurt and rinse the container out really well. Dry it and fill it about half way with dried beans, rice, pennies or dimes, anything little around the house that will make noise. Put the lid on tightly and decorate with markers, stickers, or glue cut out magazine pages or leftover wrapping paper. Then when the clock strikes twelve, shake it baby! If you’re busy and run out of time to make this craft, use this good old-fashioned, eco-friendly noisemaker… your own vocal cords. Open the door or window and yell out “Happy New Year”!! (With your parents’ permission, of course!) Happy, healthy and fun New Year!