Positive Placemats

Positive Placemats are an easy and fun way to make an impact on an elderly person receiving a meal from Meals on Wheels. You can make these during the school day, over the weekend with your family or any time you and your child feel like making a difference in the life of another person.


  • A large (12- x 18-inch) sheet of construction paper
  • Fun, happy, and upbeat stickers
  • Nontoxic markers or crayons


  1. First, write happy and inspiring messages in the middle of each placemat. Not sure what to write? Some cheerful examples:

    Thinking of you! Enjoy your meal! Hope this puts a smile on your face!

  2. Now, decorate around the words with the stickers, crayons and markers. And don’t forget to have your child sign her first name and age at the bottom!
  3. While your child is decorating the placemat, teach her about the Meals on Wheels program (find a Meals on Wheels fact sheet at LemonsToAid.org).
  4. Once the placemats are finished, go to LemonsToAid.org to find out how to mail them to the Meals on Wheels program in Dallas, where they’ll be laminated and delivered with the meals.