Presents for a Special Friend

Friendship bracelet

The ZuluSport Friendship bracelets by the Leakey Collection are made by women in Kenya. You get to keep one bracelet for yourself and give one to your friend. Together, you cut the raffia tie that connects them and make a wish, showing your commitment to the friendship, as well as to girlfriends across the globe. ($15,


I loved Despicable Me, about a villain who turns good, thanks to three little girls he adopts. It’s warm, funny, and shows that people can change. It comes out on Blu-Ray and DVD on December 14. ($26,

Online game

What’s friendlier for the planet than buying a game online without packaging, game discs, and shipping? Go to or and send a gift card to your friend. Since both sites let you try a game for an hour, you know she’ll end up with something she likes!

Homemade gift

I also love to draw pictures for my friends. Try putting your artwork or a photo of you and your friend in our eco craft picture frame. Learn how to make it here! Happy Holidays!