Pyramid Halloween Treat Boxes

Quick and easy paper treat boxes to make for Halloween! Decorate them in as many different spooky ways that you can think of. We have made these out of paper, but light card stock is great, too.


  • Paper strips, about 3×6″ (7.5×15 cm) in desired colors (e.g., white, orange, purple and green) If you prefer different sizes, keep a 2:1 ratio
  • Treats for your treat boxes
  • Paper scraps in white or black


  • Scissors
  • Glue stick, tape or staples
  • Pens

Top Tip: Make these treat boxes in Christmas colors and they work wonderfully as an advent calendar!

1. Take a strip and using a glue stick, glue the short ends together to make a cylinder. Make a light crease along the edge where you glued your cylinder together. Now, working down along the crease, squeeze 1 open end of the cylinder at and either glue or tape or staple it down. The other open side is now a loop.

2. Using your thumb and index finger, place your thumb near the crease of the first edge andyour index finger opposite. Squeeze your fingers together, forming a new vertical edge. This edge should be perpendicular to the edge you created before!

3. Before you glue this closed, fill with treats! Then, glue, tape or staple shut. You have just made a basic paper pyramid box!

4. Use pens and scraps of paper to decorate—turn your treat boxes into skeletons, ghosts, pumpkins and Frankenstein’s monsters!

Reprinted with permission from Easy Paper Projects by Maggy Woodley, Page Street Publishing Co. 2019 Photo credit: Maggy Woodley