Kid-Friendly Unicorn Veggie Dip

Moms Meet

Unicorn Veggie Dip

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Makes servings

Raw vegetables for dipping

Lightly-colored veggie dip

Color Garden Pure Natural Food Colors (in Pastels)

These recipes are brought to you by Moms Meet.

All you need is a little unicorn magic to make any recipe into something fantastic! These recipes feature Color Garden Pure Natural Food Colors.


1. Using different bowls, mix Color Garden Dyes into your veggie dip of choice (you’ll have the best results with dips that are light-colored).

2. Add as many different combinations of your colored veggie dips as you’d like into serving bowls. Swirl the colors together using a wooden stirrer or the tip of a knife.

For more unicorn-themed snacks, try this easy unicorn toast and magical unicorn frosting.

Active Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes