Molly Morgan’s Probiotic-Rich Kefir Recipe

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Homemade kefir

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Makes 4 servings

4 cups low-fat or nonfat milk

¼ cup Kefir grains or one 5-gram packet Kefir starter (powder)

Other supplies 1-quart glass jar with a lid


Coffee filter or cheesecloth

Rubber band

The easiest, quickest, and most natural way to get your daily dose of probiotics? A smoothie! In her new book Drink Your Way to Gut Health,Molly Morgan, RD, provides 140 smoothie and drink recipes that make it easy to put “good” bacteria into your diet. Here, Morgan’s guide to making homemade kefir, a probiotic-rich staple you can blend with other nutritious ingredients for the perfect cleansing and healing beverage.

Find Morgan’s book in stores and online and head to for more info.


1. Sterilize the 1-quart jar with boiling water or wash well with warm, soapy water.

2. In a saucepan, heat the milk to 180˚F. Place the pan of warm milk into an ice bath (a larger pan with cold water and ice cubes). Allow the mixture to cool until it reaches 80 to 85˚F.

3. Once the mixture has cooled, add the kefir grains or kefir starter. If using the starter, gently whisk it into the milk until well combined.

4. Transfer the milk with the kefir grains or starter to the jar. Store in the refrigerator.